Texas montage

Global birding doesnt get much betyter and that is why Texas hosts a series of sites combined known as the World Birding Centre. Google it and be amazed. Visit and be awe struck.

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One of the rarest birds in the world

White, 5 feet tall and mega rare – that’s Whooping Cranes. Just over 300 are left in the wild, with most wintering at the one site on the Texas coast. Aransass Bay. we visited, chartered a boat, and got out to see them. Not just one, but 29, so nearly 10% of the world population. What a privelage and long may this species not only hang on, but increase in the wild.

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Heronry Action Texas Style

While in Texas I had one of my most memorable birding experiences ever with a host of herons at Aransass Bay near Rockport. Great White, Great Blue. Tri coloured, Snowy, Reddish, Little blue, Black crowned Night, Cattle Egret, Roseate Spoonbill all breeding together. One of natures amazing spactacles.

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Texas trip- Swallows

A Texas trip highlight for me was watching the Cliff and Cave Swallows. Vast majority of birds we saw were Cliffs, but a few whizzed by and seemed to lack the cardinal dark throat of the former. Attempts to get flight shots buy both me and Jen were pretty futile, but I did manage so acceptable and educational ones perched.

The throat difference is pretty hard to see in the field, and most caves also seemed rustier washed on the uppers. A tricky species pair though – especially if you are watching it in a gale at the Butt of Lewis!

How long before Cave Swallow turns up in the Western Palaearctic?

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Gray Jay 2

Great weekend with Tony Beck and Always and Adventure group at Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario (3 hours from Ottawa).

Gray Jays were a highlight being just so tame they take snacks from your hand. Some though preferred to try and trick them into pretending that they were roadkill…….

Special thanks to Gary and Sue for the weekend.

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Gray Jay

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Gobble, gobble, gobble

Wild Turkeys. I had seen them in November, but these guys gave some stunning views on Sunday on the road trip back from Algonquin Provincial Park NW of Ottawa. This rafter, yup that’s the coloquial name for Turkeys, consisted of 48 birds including a strutting six males.

Bernard Matthews would have loved it! Bootiful.

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