Boreal Owl

Boreal Owl, or Tegmalmn’s Owl to use the name applied in Europe, is a show stopper. So to get the chance to see a breeding site in Churchill northern Manitoba was a wee bit special.

We drove out of town to the allotted stake out and walked just 50m from the road before being confronted by a lichen covered nestbox. The noise of our approach had brought an adult to the entrance, and it soon popped (and pooped!) out onto a nearby stump.

The only problem was it was too close to focus on. A few steps back and I nailed it. Meantime I was surrounded by a swarm of Mosquitos who enjoyed their Celtic buffet while I snapped. Pain and blood were accepted for such an awesome lifer.

Now where are the anti-hystemines?

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1 Response to Boreal Owl

  1. yractual says:

    Absolutely great shot. So clear, it’s watching you there! I love owls, probably my favourite species. We’re used to Eagles and Great Greys in our northern Sweden place. Here in France, mostly Browns and Barns, by the sound of things – yet to catch sight of one. In Spain we had Scops and we did manage to sight one one afternoon.

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