The day the sun shone

Where to start? A first winter Ring billed Gull at Barvas was new in, while Whitefronts continued to play hide and seek. 30 Europeans were between Brue and Arnol, while 23 Greenlands were at the latter site.

2 Iceland Gulls were at Arnol (as was a Sparrowhawk) and while on the gull theme, the Stornoway Harbour update is 58 Icelands plus 3 Glaucous. Many birds are looking weak and are surely struggling to feed. Keep feeding them folks! On the Briaghe 7 Icelands cruised about with a single Glaucous, with the bigger surprise being two Pied Wagtails. One has wintered around Tescos this year, but are these really harbingers of spring?

Possibly also on the move was the ‘Icelandic-type’ Redpoll in Brue. Or maybe just the sunshine brought the passerines out to play?

Broad Bays Eider flocks were also at all time short range, enough to esatblish no Kings, Queens, or ‘fairy cakes’ from the north. 29 Slavonian Grebes and 215 Common Scoters all in made for a nice day.

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One Response to The day the sun shone

  1. Mark Witherall says:

    Good to see Greenlands are still around, I think the most Icelands we had was in the early 20s, 58 is remarkable!

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