Following in the footsteps of Chessmen

The Lewis Chessmen have been to Uig this week,

so it seemed an idea for me and Tristan to follow them.

The highlight being catching up with Mr Snowy Owl. Quite a character today we watched as he walked around. You would sort of expect an owl to hop, bound or leap, but no – it was a definite walk.

Also at Mangersta a Snow Bunting and a ridiculously tame Lapland Bunting scurrying around mouse like in the boulder field added to the amusement.
Other highlights included Chiffchaff and Curlew Sandpiper at Ardroil (then Crowlista), but no sign of the recently reported Baird’s, White rumped and Buff-breasted Sandpiper, or the American Golden Plover for that matter. There seemed to have been a North American clearout. Grrrrrr.

A red tagged adult White tailed Eagle proved to be photogenic on the way home with the day finishing with 4 Ruff, 10 Black tailed Godwits at Sand Street, Stornoway and another Ruff at Barvas.

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One Response to Following in the footsteps of Chessmen

  1. alexjhunt says:

    Fab set of spots, with photos to prove it! Snowy Owl is one I’d love to see…

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