Otter chase

Driving back north through Benbecula the car in front did a very dodgy swerve and kept going. Nothing new there, many locals drive like maniacs on speed, but a moment later I was staring at an otter roadside – was it dead? It seemed to have just been hit by the car. I pulled over and walked towards it but it quickly rose and ran a 100m down the road. I sneaked up again to see if I could catch it as it clearly had facial damage. It let me get within a few feet before hissing and running across a field to hide in a pile of silage bales.

No way of catching it in there – I just hope it pulls through.

Semi palmated Sandpiper at Howbeg, South Uist with 3 Curlew Sandpipers and a tame Grey Phalarope were nice. Several Lapland Buntings were flushed from stubbles and a Hummingbird Hawkmoth was at Kyles Paible. The other oddity of the weeks trip was the Quail calling at the Range. A very late singer.

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