Polar Bears are “Awesome”

It’s official, because I said so! They had come off the ice in Hudson Bay early and their timing was impeccable. Any earlier and we might have bumped into them on the Owl River trip, which to be honest would have been pretty unnerving. Us canoeing downstream and a big white bear swimming past us upstream!

As it was we connected with three animals around Churchill – Polar Bear capital of the world.

The town is geared for bears and tourists. A management program is in place for human protection with air raid sirens sounding upon the aperrance of earths largest land predator, bear monitors protecting the streets and even a Polar Bear ‘holding facility’ for wayward naughty bears. Tundra buggies with huge wheels are prepped ready for the autumn tourist influx and any number of cuddly toys are available.

The old open dump proved too much of an attraction to hungry bears so has now been placed under roof. One enterprising bear however climbed over a truck, removed a window grill and climbed in to get to the lout when we were there. The trail was highlighted my oily footprints from when it knocked over some vegetable fat on its way in! The prints on the concrete floor were huge.

The bears themselves were pretty knackered. Partly post long distance sea swim to shore and also due to the warmth in which they clearly wilted. Even so we kept close to the truck and about 200 metres away. These boys can catch you unawares and there is a history of incidents, most ending rather gruesomely for either party.
Stunning beasts. All power, snaky necks, human like movements, white cuddly fur. We saw one inland (some get 200km or so inland), one by the dump and another on the coast having just swam in from the ice flows of Hudson Bay.

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2 Responses to Polar Bears are “Awesome”

  1. YvonneB says:

    Did you get your passport stamped at the Post Office? Great bear shots 🙂

  2. bruebirder says:

    Afraid not. Just got a hug from Heidi!

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