Red letter Day

In jetlag zombie mode I returned from Canada and straight into fieldwork. Seemed a far better idea than the office that’s for sure.

A night of Corncrake surveys was balmy (yup on Lewis) and rolled into a morning at the RSPB Loch na Muilne reserve at Arnol. An Osprey over was probably the bird we had seen at Brue the night before, and was seen a couple of hours later at Callanish. A reserve first. More unexpected was the first ‘red’ – a Redwing. Rather bleached and warn it scuttled around in the vegetaton and dry stone dykes. Had it oversummered or was it a very early returner?

Next ‘red’ came in the form of five Red-necked Phalaropes. Its always nice to see the reserve speciality but today they showed especially well as there had been a bit of an overnight hatch of beasties that acted as a buffet for hungry ‘lobatus’. If you do visit keep out of teh marsh. Contra to some recent internet and magazine correspondance it will cause disturbance and if you are caught you will get shopped for reckless disturbance.

Red breasted Merganser and Red throated Diver were duly added and I went home with a rather warm rosy red glow. Just how days should be.

PS: more Canadian stuff will follow when I get a chance to sort the photos and someone sends me the Sterna shot 😉

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One Response to Red letter Day

  1. Spallin Jay says:

    Consider yourself both Spallinated and sterna’d!

    And might I say, cracking phaltos!

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