Owl River survey

At 9pm on Friday we reached the coast at Hudson Bay, but the tide was out! Lucky for some as I have promised to go skinny dipping in the icy seas.

We had canoed down the Owl River from Herchemer, through Wapusk National Park, 120km as the crow flies, or over 220km as the canoe goes. Daily bird surveys of walking 10km and a top trip. I now have rather butch arms, a burnt face but a very warm glow inside.

Highlights were two huge grey Timber Wolves, Caribou, Moose, River Otters, plus a host of star birds. Breeding Hudsonian Godwit, Short billed Dowitchers, Stilt and Least Sandpipers, AGPs, Pacific Divers, all 3 North American Scoters, Northern Shrikes, shed loads of Bald Eagles, displaying Golden Eagles (never confirmed to bred in the province before), Harris’s Sparrow (sorry Jen), Blackpoll Warblers everywhere.

More another time, but no photos for a bit. Reasoning for that later………….. now in Churchill, the last outpost of the north.

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One Response to Owl River survey

  1. Andyr says:

    Sounds great have you got a coon hat yet – do they reckon much to Davy Crockett out there?

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