Goodbye civilisation

About to leave Gillam for the wilderness, but just time to download some Gillam highlights. Surveys this morning brought Three toed Woodpecker, 6 Olive sided Flycatchers, Greater Yellowlegs, Pine Grosebeaks and a few other bits and bobs. Where are the bloody Hawk Owls? Next stop Churchill.

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2 Responses to Goodbye civilisation

  1. YvonneB says:

    Really enjoying your blog Martin – sounds like you are having an amazing time. Stay safe in the wilderness!! and see you the other side. Make sure to go and see Heidi at the Northern Studies Centre in Churchill and give her a big hug from me šŸ™‚

  2. Spallin Jay says:

    Miss you guys already! Remember that the velociraptor can sometimes answer your questions if you listen creatively. Safe and adventurous travels to you. Stay away from bears and bran muffins.

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