Boreal bog Birding and Beaver attack

Crew has split and we have moved north. This means more bog, little civilisation but cracking birding. Rusty Blackbird, Nighthawks, Olive crowned Warblers and lots of Kinglets singing at dawn. Black Bear sightings have been regular (and Trevor got stalked by one – kind of unnerving when you are on your own in the forest). Breeding Sandhill Cranes allow close approach and Great Grey Owls hunting roadside are fantastic. Gray Jays squawk and Bald Eagles cruise overhead with Canada Geese everywhere and now Bonaparte’s and American Herring Gulls being a daily occurrence. Species change as you move north. Next stop Thompson in a few days. That is way north. Then possibly a canoe trip for 2 weeks down the Nelson River to Hudson Bay and then around to Churchill. The hardcore stuff is still to come.
Camping fine, but have got wet a couple of times. Food dehydrated. Currently in Cross Lakes, an Indian First Nation township blagging wifi and supplies. Need a new fuse for truck cigarrete lighter to allow us to charhe batteries for GPS , a new ‘tarp’ and fuel for stoves and pickup.
A grumpy beaver picked a fight yesterday. I saw trying to get the mountain bike out of a clay pit ,which was sticky as hell, and the local beaver decided I was fair game and charged. He wasn’t so smart when he got stuck 2 feet away. All he could do was gnash his teeth, grunt and slap his tail. Angry or randy I dont know, but kind of unnerving. He might have knawed my leg!

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One Response to Boreal bog Birding and Beaver attack

  1. YvonneB says:

    Wow! Well, what can i say, amazing place, great birds! Not so sure about the bears though…

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