Proven Lake

A day taking in some wet and marsh areas as well as a bash at some agricultural zones proved fruitful. American Bittern, Sora and a full range of waterfowl were just some around the loch reserve. American Black Terns hawked over while Northern Harriers got mobbed by Yellow headed and Red winged Blackbirds but a Sandhill Crane was a pleasant big surprise. The aforementioned Beaver was nearly eclipsed by a Moose heading over the horizon. Savannah, Clay coloured, Le Conte’s, Song, White throated and Swamp Sparrows trilled away, Sedge and Marsh Wren rattled but Yellow Rails and Nelsons Sparrow were sadly absent.
It was then off to do more point counts in the 10km square. Around the farms Brewers Blackbirds adorned the posts, while Turkey Vultures and Red tailed Hawks cruised the arable skies. Migrants still going over included pelicans, Forsters Tern and many an Evening Grosbeak. Back in time for more coffee and Maple Cinnamon Buns at the Whitehouse Bakery.

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