Birding proper

Wow! First afternoon and the crew rested (they had been out since 5 am) so I went through the village to the lake and developed a nice list. A bit of a Finnish feel to the village with pines and wood cabins, but Slate coloured Juncos hopping about in the street ended that Lapland feel. Three hours birding was intense and tested all my senses. Small water pockets held red-winged Blackbirds, blue winged teal and Canada Geese while the trees were alive with song and colour. American Redstart was most numerous, but a male Cape May Warbler stole the show. A Philadelphia Vireo fed in the aspens, while the sewage pond help a selection of ducks – notably Bufflehead, Goldeneye and a Ruddy Duck, while three Chimney Swifts over jetted past the Cliff and Barn Swallows.

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  1. YvonneB says:

    Sounding good so far!

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