Oh Canada!

Canada goose at Siadar y’day, found by Ian MacLeod. Presumably one of ‘British’ stock rather than a genuine pond hopper, but you never know. The next one I see wil be pure thats for sure!

Three Red necked Phalaropes are back at Loch na Muilne. We encourage people to visit the site but no not cause disturbance, ie wander through the marsh. It is illegal.

Elswhere Pomarine and Long tailed Skua continue to head north. The best site by far here is Mangersta, but high counts have been made off the Pairc coast in the past. It is all about getting the weather right and a big dose of luck. A gang of 27 Poms at Northton on Wednesday raises the question of Uist birds cutting through the Sound of Harris as they push northward.

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