Bee-eater at Callanish

I followed up on a message today from Suzanne about a possible Bee-eater. Sounded interesting and a late lunch sojourn was taken. After a while no joy and it looked like it was time to head back to the PC screen when I heard a ‘puuurp’ call, turned round and saw a Bee-eater flying over. There was certainly a Bee-eater!

It was around Breasclate School and Hall, but also venturing down the road to Callanish going ‘inland’ as well as far as the Gift Shop. It was still around at 6pm at least.

Probably the second for the Hebrides with one a couple of years ago moving through the island chain from Barra to Dalbeg

Managed to get the news out quickly so Tony Marr and Bob Wemyss connected as well as some interested bemused locals. Thanks to all involved and Mr and Mrs MacIver for being so accommodating.

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3 Responses to Bee-eater at Callanish

  1. cheapseats says:

    Where will it have come from?

    • bruebirder says:

      It has probably come from Spain. There have been several in southern England which have ‘overshoot’ and I suspect this one just kept flying north with the sunshine………….

  2. Steve Kershaw says:

    5 of us up from Sheffield for the week. We arrived on Monday night and our first good bird on Tuesday morning was the Bee-eater. Saw it at about 9.45am near the school at Breasclate sitting on one of a line of conifers near a building It caught a bee and ate it before flying inland. Later we met a birder at Skigersta who said his Aunt had the bird in her garden in Acha Mor later that morning. Very pleasant surprise. The rest of the week was good as well with the Subalpine Warbler another bonus.

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