A busy weeks highlights for Lewis and Harris

12th: Willow Warbler singing Horgabost.

13th: Manx Shearwater, Sound of Taransay, also 5 resplendent Slavonian Grebes, 11 Common Scoter, 40 Long tailed Ducks, 33 Great Northern Divers.

14th: 246 Long tailed Duck Loch Brannahuie with six 1st year Blk T Divers off there. 7 Swallows, 2 House Martins and 1 Sand Martin at Loch Tiumpain. 3 pairs Gadwall at Loch Stiapabhat.

mid week: Gyr Falcon seen twice in Ness (once by a local, once by a visitor). What are the odds of it being the bird now on Uist? Is it shuttling between Uist and Ness? They do wander widely.

15th: Lapland Bunting Barvas machair and another photographed at Breinish.

16th: First Corncrake back at Northton. 251 LT Ducks now at Brannahuie. Black tailed Godwit and Ruff on Barvas/Brue machair. Pair Shoveler at Loch Stiapabhat.

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