No Gyr (again)

Another day, another stack of birds. First the bad news. No Gyr. Mmmmm. Better news was three Iceland Gulls at Loch Barvas (2x1w + 2w) plus 3 Snow Buntings and 19 Greenland Whitefronts at the south end. The cherry on top was a first year Sea Eagle that toured the west side all day pretending to be a Gyr by scaring everything in sight – like a Gyr would.

Whooper Swans were on the move – three at Siadar, 6 near Shawbost and 5 new at Barvas.

A quick sortie north found both 1w Glaucous and Iceland at Ness as well as 8 Snow Buntings at the Butt and Tony Marr’s Little Gull was again at Port Stoth near the Butt. 12 Snow Buntings were at Siadar and an intrepid wind surfer flushed all the gulls at Barvas in the afternoon!

Thanks to Tony and Iain for the snaps.

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