Another 48 hours

What a crazy 48 hours. A potential American Herring Gull at Stornoway Harbour stayed for a digi-bin photo then vanished. I’d suggest as good a candidate as the 2007 Stornoway bird, but that remains in limbo with the 10 rare men, who are concerned over its true parentage. Fair enough given the melting pot of hybrid Larus in the Arctic these days.

An adult and a first winter Iceland weren’t really compensation. Another two first year Iceland’s roosted at Loch Barvas this evening with 5 Lesser black backed Gulls now in.

Driving back from Stornoway this morning an adult White tailed Eagle flopped over Laxdale heading to town. Rather nice. Gripping news tonight though of a white Gyr reported from Barvas beach late morning today. Well it wasn’t there when I was looking is all I can say!

A young Merlin flew into the kitchen window – quality ‘Twitching from the Kitchen’ as The Sun would say. I’d be twitching more if that Gyr appeared through that pane of glass.

Tony’s return to Ness has already spawned a Little Gull and a Glaucous Gull, and with Wheatears in on the Inner Hebrides it’s all go……..

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