Marsh Hawk returns – briefly

The morning cycle and birding scored this morning. First a male Hen harrier was watched hunting over the south end of Loch Barvas and after a couple of minutes a ‘ringtail’ got up to join it. It didn’t take long to suss that the ‘ringtail’ was the Marsh Hawk/Northern Harrier of 12 days ago. Where has it been?

It was around for about an hour between the south end of the loch and eventually drifted over the church towards the petrol station before drifting up over Pairc Barvas and was lost.

I had my bins and digital camera with me and tried ‘digi-binning’ a number of times with the camera on rapid fire. Out of 50 shots a couple were mildly acceptable. However, without other images from a few days ago would they have been enough? Do you always need a photo? Would BBRC even have given it a second look?

It certainly seems like the element of trust regarding a record has gone out of birding and that no frame-filling photo means your sighting is in for a very hard time from the powers that be. So where does that leave a lone island birder who doesn’t have (or want) a DSLR, doesn’t always carry a scope and lives on an island where it is generally dark much of the time, and as in today’s case has no co-observers within miles or even on the same island………..

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One Response to Marsh Hawk returns – briefly

  1. Tony Marr says:

    Living at Port of Ness, I know just how it feels! Hope the LRP gets through..

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