Cold memories

It brought back memories. Cold memories. A couple of years ago I found a Grey Phalarope in October at Barvas beach. From previous close Grey Phal encounters, notably at Bragar, and one many moons ago in west Cumbria, I knew I could get close to it for a photo. At times like these pain is forgotten and you must wade into the cold sea and stay put. Along will swim the “wee floater”, oblivious to your presence and come right past you – allowing good photo opportunities with a basic digital camera (just 3x zoom in my case).

Negatives are that two years ago I knackered my mobile phone doing this. It was in my pocket and got submerged and packed in. I also knackered my knackers and took about 6 hours to thaw out!
Note to self. Buy a proper camera with a big lens and the need for wading into the winter Atlantic for small waders may be negated.

So back to today. I was on Barvas shore once again scanning, with snow blasting in and the sea swelling heavily from the north, and yip, there was a Grey Phal. What to do? I had on wellies but chickened out and only waded a few feet into the shallow surf and crouched down. A spot of digi-binning (camera against binoculars) ensued and some reasonable results were obtained despite the less than perfect conditions. Mobile phone and other appendages remained intact.


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