Another day, another irruption

First Waxwings, now it would appear Siskins seem to be following suit. I had a flock of over 100 in Stornoway Woods at lunchtime, and as I wandered back to the office looking at gardens for Waxwings I had several other fly over Siskins. Clearly something is going on up in the forests of the north that is causing birds to clear out en-masse and head for pastures new.

The Yellow browed Warbler was (re)trapped at Uigen today and 30 Waxwings there, also 3 Chiffchaffs of late.  Tony Marr had the juvenile American Golden Plover again in ness, but the Little Egret has vanished already – oh and he had 10 Waxwings in Port. Anyone not seen a Waxwing yet?!

Elsewhere Peter Cunningham spotted the first returners of the wintering Greenland White fronted Geese in west Lewis near Arnol. A discrete small flock, that seem to like pottering in the juncus vegetation rather than the shorter grass that the Greylags prefer. In past years 40 or so of this internationally declining goose (unlike local Greylags!) have stayed to winter in the west side. Fingers crossed they will return again, and hopefully with a healthy gang on youngsters to keep them going. Reports from the breeding grounds however aren’t positive and this des seem to be a species on the brink.

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