Nice weather, but shame about the birds

The first Citrine Wagtail for Lewis and Harris, found by Mark Finn and Co, could not be relocated at Ardroil Uig, but a Goldie Eagle showed well en-route. Not quite the compensation I had hoped for.

Three White tailed Eagles over the Ness moor were the highlight on Saturday. Some Song Thrushes seemed to be new in, as was a Willow Warbler in Brue, but elsewhere the bushes were shy of migrants. A Little Grebe at South Dell was unusual and away from its normal range (ie Loch Stiapabhat). Lapland Buntings still scattered about. 5 single fly overs between Cross and Skigersta and two flocks at Barvas – 20 and 45. They just keep on coming. Other bits and pieces were 3 Wheatears in Ness and a NW-type Redpoll at Habost.

A brief sorte to Stornoway had 3 Long tailed tits by the Laxdale bridge. Just goes to show you never know what you will stumble upon.

PS: Hats off to Mr Bowler on Tiree – you deserve the Parula Warbler. First Scottish record, 15th for Britain and the first since 1995. Twitchers already eyeing up the £53 flight from Glasgow…….

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