Sept 12th

Saturday night trip to Uig produced a Whooper roadside near Scaliscro and the Canada Geese back at Garynahynie – at least 6 there (thanks to Ian Macleod for the photo)

Westside sites on Sunday found at least 5 Curlew Sands at Loch Ordais/Bragar, 5 Whooper’s and 2 Mutes still there and a nice flock of 80 Twite on the shore. One Sooty Shearwater past Brue in the morning with a further 3 past Labost in the afternoon were the seawatching high-notes. Half a dozen Arctic Terns and a flurry of waders were also on the move. Three groups of Oinks came down the coast, as did several small flocks of Teal tallying 73 birds as well as a smattering of Wigeon.
Mr Guga took flight and left as did the Manx shearwater (with a little help) and it skimmed off over the crofts out to sea.

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