Emerald Damselflies

The last few years have seen Alice Starmore attain some stunning images of dragonflies on the Lewis moors. Many have proved to be wonderfully artistic with beautiful stain-glass window patterns in the wings and some amazing symmetrical shots. This week Alice successfully got some stunning images of Emerald Damselflies. 

“Here is a pic of the mating pair taken on Wednesday. Last year I saw and photographed one male and that was the first record of an emerald damsel here on Lewis. I remember from local SNH records that there was one recorded in Harris in the seventies. So it was more than I expected this year, to find no less than three pairs mating. I found 2 pairs in the same place as last year(one pair were egg laying but too far away to get a good pic though I have it for the record). I found a further three (2 males and a female) about a mile away. It looks like they may be here to stay. It would be good to hear if anyone else sees any more.”

Just goes to show what is out on the vast Lewis Peatlands. Whether it be carnivorous plants, mountain hares, Greenshank or dragonflies the moor certainly isn’t miles and miles of bugger all………

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